• About Us

Our Story

Liink was established in June 2013 in the field of providing information technology products, solutions and services. Liink has chosen a direction for itself with the mission of putting product quality, service and reputation on top of customers.
By creating products that help improve users' convenience, Liink with a team of professional personnel, well-trained with high technical skills, together with the solidarity and prerequisite is the support of customer. Liink believes that more success will be achieved in the current information technology market.


Liink was Established.

• Collaboration Government Organization: Can Tho, Vinh Long, Soc Trang, …
• Join CBA Organization.
• Join Business Club.

• Change company scope.
• Join Software Outsourcing.
• Collaboration Heifer International Organization.
• Collaboration Broadpeak Soc Trang Co Ltd (Youngone Corporation).
• Innovation Award:Second prize in science and technology innovation contest.

• Innovation Award: Second prize in science and technology innovation contest.
• Collaboration Government Organization: Lang Son.

• Collaboration the Task Force for Global Healthy Organization.
• Collaboration MF Viet Nam.
• Collaboration Asoft, Avalon Solution.

Our Core Values

People are the foundation to make the success of the business. We explode our best for the development of each individual, helping them to promote their ability and achieve targets.
Spirit of service
Identify and turn target customers into close customers.
What we do, we do well.
Do more with fewer people.
Creativity and values
Always refreshing solutions from combining existing values and ideas.
The leader must be the one who shows the best spirit of Liink.
Positive attitude
Positive, face-to-face and dynamic thinking offer solutions in all situations.

Why Choose Us


Quality of service meets all requirements


Modern and professional
working process


Customer satisfaction is the
number 1 priority


Commitment to the
expertise and experience of
the programming team


Quick support
reputable warranty


Good prices, competitive.